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Windshield Repair
To reach maximum efficiency and quality in windshield repair it is important immediately after cracking or glass chip appearance to consult the foreman.
Only well-timed repair works can at least fully take away cracks or glass chip outcomes and save the windshield.
When possible at the same moment stick down scotch tape or duct tape on appeared crack or glass chip, to avoid dirt or water filling in the damaged place.
Don’t wash the car or switch on the car heater before the cracked windshield is repaired.
We precede windshield repair only with the use of super-modern American polymers.
Windshields repair depending on difficulty may take from 30 minutes up to 1 hour.
We provide
· 6 month guarantee on repaired glass chip.
· 1 month guarantee on repaired cracks above 20cm.
Costs on windshield repair are
· Glass chip GEL 10, depends on beams number and damage state.
· GEL 2 per 1 cm for crack up to 30cm
· GEL 1,5 per 1 cm for crack up to 50 cm
GEL 1 per 1 cm for crack above 50 cm
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