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Paintless Dent Repair and Removal (PDR)
Inaccurate parking, bad weather conditions, i.e. hail, windstorm with falling wood branches, uncarefull  items transportation, these may cause dents on car surface.
This auto dent repair technology gives us opportunity to safe paint film coating.                   Principle of the method is in the dent flattening by mechanical operations with smooth grinding actions with the use of special tools from car body interior.
Paintless Dent Repair Technology (PDR) gives you a number of advantages:
A.  Car body saves auto plant paint film.
B.  No need in paint
C.  No need in abrading materials and spackling compounds
D.  Time-saving
E.  MONEY-saving
PDR is useful, when there are no long or deep scratches on the car-body, paint film is not damaged, no prolonged dents, which are normal for cars with thin and steel metals.
It is important to note, it can’t be restored dents with low quality paint films, i.e. old cars that were traditionally car-body repaired before.
PDR saves car plant paint films.
This PDR technology uses car dealers and auto houses, because not repainted car with some defects is still more expensive then even ideally repaired one.
PDR cost is on 40-60% cheaper than general paint-flatter works.
PDR cost cannot be estimated by phone, it is possible to do only after visual check.
Minimum price for 1 “spot” starts from GEL 10.
If there are a number of spots we may do some discount.
If damages were occurred by hail discount may reach GEL 3-4 per spot.
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