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Windshield polishing
There are no drivers who are insured from windshield different damages appearance in length of time. 
Frequently the reason of such damages is wind-screen wipers.
Small scratches and grazes occur exactly in the wipers zone.
These types of damages controlling method is windshield partial polishing.
Due to complicated original plant windshield structure its defects can be restored just partially. 
Windshield polishing can’t make used glass new, therefore consult our specialists before you make decision to start this long labor using process or not.
Polishing results and working process time forecasts, as well as cost calculation can be done only after visual check in our PIT stop.
Polishing is not cheap, but efficient process to restore original plant windshield.
Often polishing process is much more expensive, than China unoriginal windshields that are offered on Georgian market.
Polishing process varies from 5 up to 12 hours, depending on damage state.
Polishing cost:
  Graze line caused by wiper - GEL 1 per 1 cm
  Full windshield polishing  - minimum GEL 150
Fog-lights polishing
The same as windshield fog-lights are always along the line of small stones and sand, that are blew by in front vehicles.
Often times damages are so essential, that fog-lights’ glass become dim. It stops to permit the light through; this is seriously impact on front illumination.
Grinding and polishing give to fog-lights total transparence.

Fog-lights polishing process takes 2,5 hours.
Grinding and polishing cost per one fog light is GEL 30.
Headlights polishing
If headlights became dim or shabby, you should not buy new ones.
Headlights transparence can be returned by their polishing.
Majority of modern vehicles have plastic light diffusers.
While in operation affected by environment and mechanical actions on headlights appear cracks and grazes. Headlights surface become dim and do not permit light through.

Headlights polishing can be standard (active) and intensive.
Active polishing proceeds with the use of 2, maximum 3 emery-papers. This polishing is offered by 99% of foremen on Georgian market. It is quick and not difficult to perform, but it has low efficiency. As a result of such performing headlights diming again in a month.
Intensive polishing is prolonged, time-consuming process. But it gives the best results in comparison with standard (active) polishing.
Intensive polishing proceeds with the use of 6 emery-papers and different abrasive dimensions of pastes.
An intensive headlight polishing restores appearance and optical features of plastic headlights for a long time.
Two headlights intensive polishing cost depends on its plastic structure and starts from GEL 30.
Polishing time takes 1 hour.
“Autominacosmetics” provides 1 year guarantee on intensive polished headlights.
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