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DRL030-E4 DRL_1050 DRL-182P18 DRL-6002
DRL030-E4 DRL_1050 DRL-182P18 DRL-6002
1. XENON (HID - High-intensity discharge lamp)
As you set up Xenon on your car, you receive a stream of light, which is similar to natural day light. This light illuminates road far away and gives you more confidence in any weather conditions.
This system allows switching on cars’ xenon light from general feed source of halogen lamps, with advantages of prompt igniter and trouble-free service.
Because of this innovative system, meantime it is possible to set up qualitative xenon light with essential power saving for car. Alternatively to halogen lights, it insures car from over load power tolerance.
If you set up xenon on your car, you do not need to make any changes or modifications to headlights.
Xenon lamps have prolonged working lifetime (2000-2500 hours). They are perfectly working even with vehicle vibration, as they do not have filament.
Xenon lamps’ heating temperature is less than for halogen ones, therefore car headlights are protected from additional power occurred due to high temperature.
“Autominacosmetics” specialists are able to set up xenon lamps on any car or vehicle, where are used halogen H lamps.
                                                                                                                    XENON Coulour temperature

Xenon colour temperature is light source indication that determines eye sense of colour.
Each light corresponds to it temperature, measured in Kelvin degree. For example sun’s colour temperature at 12 p.m. is 4000K, blue sky light is - 7000K.
As day light means mixture of sun and sky light and their colour temperature, which is equal to 5500K.
Xenon light flux (brightness) depends on colour temperature. Maximum light flux has lamps with colour temperature 4300K, it means 3200Lm*.
When colour temperature raises brightness decreases.

*Lm (lumen) - light flux unit
Lamps with 4300K colour temperature are becoming whiter in a time. Approximately in 500 working hours their colour temperature will change on 200K, it will arise to 4500K. These changes are going very slowly, they are imperceptible.

“Autominacosmetics” offers to you spread choice of Xenon types:

                1.  DC class or economy version.
DC class xenon type we frequently meet on our roads. DC class has low illumination. They are not long-life in use. In a time they are more blinding for oncoming cars, than illuminative for owner.
This xenon sets up on fog lamps.

DC class xenon including set up costs from GEL 80 up to GEL 130. Guarantee 1 year.

               2. AC class - standard.
AC class - is stable working xenon with good quality blocks. These blocks prevent lamps blinking. This xenon’s working life is 5-7 years.

AC class xenon including set up costs from GEL 150 depending on blocks power and type. Guarantee 1 year.

               3. AC super start.
Super start xenon devices are developed in 2012. They have prompt start-up.
This class xenon can be 35W, 50W, 55W and 75W-super white.
We recommend these xenons as for dim light, as well as for distance light due to high start up speed.

AC super start xenon including set up costs starts from GEL 250. Guarantee 1 year.

“Autocosmetics” is able to offer you big choice of xenon blocks, lamps and accessories for xenon devices. Costs include set up and guarantee.
2 Light-emitting diode(LED) lamps
There are advantages of LED lamps in comparison with general bulb lamps:
· Working-life is 4-5 times more;
· Ability to use in day light regime due to high brightness;
· Energy consumption is lower, but luminous intensity is much higher;
· Clarity and spread choice of colours;
· Beat and vibration resistant, as they do not have glass flask or filament;
· They do not have response rate;
· Low working power;
      ·    High fire prevention, as they do not have glowing.
We are able to offer you
· LED-s  for tail lamps
· Fog lamps
· Stop lights
· Turn signals
· Rearview signals
· Car license plate highlighting
· Interior highlighting
· Engine highlighting
· Trunk highlighting
Although we have in stock soft pressure sensitive waterproofed and waterunproofed labels on white foundation with SMD chips.
Day running light is vehicle external light devices; it is used to improve vehicle visibility during its movement at day hours. In accordance to the statistics data they decrease the accident possibility on 30%.

“Autominacosmetics” offers spread choice of auto lamps, lights, highlighting, badges, music equalizers and other.  These accessories make your vehicle safety and more attractive in the city traffic flow.
Night traffic on our roads may be risky due to blinding headlamps of incoming vehicles. Often such blinding lights occur due to incorrect headlamps focusing.
As a result of wrong headlamps correction and focusing you may at any time violate moving traffic rules and become a reason of traffic accident.
As you may know, power of headlamp lights decreases on 50% in a 5 years due to
· Power decrease in electrical connections
· Wear out of lamps
· Deterioration status of headlamp glasses internally and externally.
Therefore in due time pay attention to status and headlamps focusing.
Good focusing of headlamps is not just road ethics; it is question of vehicle safety at night hours. Trust headlamps correction to specialists and your movement by roads won’t trouble incoming drivers and yourself.
2 Headlamps focusing cost is GEL 20.
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